PafLS - PAFEC Loudspeaker analysis tool

PACSYS has released the PafLS loudspeaker analysis tool, which provides:

  • Generic axisymmetric loudspeaker template designs for vibroacoustic analysis (multi-roll surround example)
  • A number of generic surround and spider template designs for large displacement analysis (corrugated surround example)
  • Axisymmetric and 2D wave guide template, splined, exponential and conical profiles (wave guide example)
  • Easy input of geometric and material parameters
  • Quick analysis of design configurations
  • 3D visualisation of model

On entry to PafLS the user chooses from a number of template designs. One common audio transducer design has the dust cap attached to the cone. The template based on this configuration is illustrated below:

The right hand pane displays a diagram of the generic design detailing the position of the input parameters. The diagram may be moved and enlarged by simply using the mouse.

The left hand pane has three tabs:

  • Input - parameter specification.
  • Analysis - for setting frequency range and step; and voltage driver parameters.
  • Display - for configuration of display of results: frequency selection, deformed shape, pressure fields, animations, etc. Note: more general post-processing of results can be undertaken in Qt-PafVu, muextrac, etc.

Schematic view: showing input model parameters, which may be panned, enlarged and shrunk.

Structural view: 3D representation of the 2D generator plane swept through 270o (default),
for the display of the deformed shapes and animations, (Sample animations).

Acoustic graph view: Pressure v Frequency graphs for selected microphone nodes.

Acoustic field view: pressure field in fluid at selected frequency.

Directivity plot.

SPL map.

Impedance v Frequency graph.

Axial velocity v Frequency graph for selected structural locations.