PAFEC VibroAcoustics - Array Design

Arrays of transducers can be used to produce extra radiated power and directivity. If the transducers are all well separated then the design could be done using ideal, non-interacting, point sources, each with the directivity of a single transducer. However in some cases it is required that the array be compact, closely spaced transducers are inevitable, and these will interact through the acoustic medium. Finite/boundary element modelling techniques naturally take these interactions into account and can thus be used as a design tool even when the system is so complex that intuition is unreliable.

Features of PAFEC VibroAcoustics for Array Design

  • all functionality available for single transducer
  • mutual impedance computation
  • axially periodic analysis, for long line arrays
  • doubly periodic analysis for periodic planar arrays
  • optimization facility to adjust position automatically

Pressure distribution around a diamond array of ring transducers


The interaction between transducers can be affected by the level of damping.