PAFEC VibroAcoustics - Medical Ultrasonics

Physiotherapy transducer based on the model created by Martin Hughes, during his PhD at the University of Bath under the supervision of Professor Victor Humphrey, assisted by funding from the National Physical Laboratory.

A more complete description of the transducer can be found in "Finite Element and Boundary Element Modelling of a Medical Ultrasound Transducer and its Generated Near-Field" , University of Bath 2001.

The piezoelectric disc of diameter 25mm and thickness 2mm, is axially polarised and excited by a sinusoidal voltage at 1.029MHz. The front matching layer has a thickness of λ/4. The surrounding acoustic medium is water.

Animated structural deformation of piezoelectric disc and matching layer near axis of symmetry.

Animated pressure field in front of the radiating surface.


Transient analysis of the above physiotherapy transducer