PAFEC-EHL GiD Interface


GiD is an interactive graphical pre and post processing system for F.E.M. The PAFEC-GiD Interface caters for PAFEC-EHL analyses. Results shown below have been post-processed in GiD 7.1


Pressure contour field in lubricant film: crank angle = 300o


Lubricant film thickness: crank angle = 300o


Maximum oil film pressure v crank angle.

Minimum oil film thickness v crank angle.


Animated contour field plots of both oil film pressure and oil film thickness can be displayed in GiD. Examples of these displays are shown in the page links below. Please note that the animation files may take a few seconds to download; the file sizes are shown in paraentheses.


Animated oil film pressure contours (155 KB). Animated oil film thickness contours (458 KB).


The PAFEC-EHL GiD Interface also allows for results in the oil film to be displayed on a transposed circular mesh of the true shape of the film. Additionally the pressure results may be displayed on a circular fluid film mesh which is deformed according to the film thickness.


Animated oil film pressure contours - circular mesh (236 KB).


Animated oil film pressure contours - deformed circular mesh (389 KB).


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