PAFEC-VibroAcoustics - Automotive Acoustics

In automotive acoustics it is usually possible to use uncoupled acoustic analysis. Surface vibration data may be taken from a previous structural FE analysis or from experimental measurement.

For interior cavity problems the sound field is set up by a number of vibrating panels. For a particular point of interest, e.g. the driver's outside ear, a contribution to the pressure at this point can be computed from each panel. These sum in the complex plane to give the resultant pressure. Panels which have a positive(negative) contribution relative to the resultant pressure are sources(sinks). Reducing vibration at a sink will actually make the problem worse!

Application Areas

  • interior cavity resonances
  • panel contributions
  • source/sink identification
  • drive-by noise
  • air intake/exhaust analysis

radiation from air-intake unit
(model supplied by MIRA under the PACAN project)