PAFEC VibroAcoustics - Phase splitters and horn


The prototype model below has been supplied by Attack Audio.

It would be possible to connect a driver to a horn with a continuously expanding section. This would be likely to suffer from excitation of cross modes. By splitting into separate channels, excitation of cross modes can be reduced. Ideally there should be flat planar wavefronts at the throat of the horn section. Therefore it is necessary for the inner channels to be more curved based on an "equal path length" criterion.


Phase splitters and horn




Utilising the two planes of symmetry, a quarter model was analysed with a baffled condition at the mouth of the horn. The air in the phase splitters and the horn was modelled with acoustic finite elements. The infinite half space was modelled with acoustic finite elements and an acoustic boundary element.


Animated pressures at 3000 Hz.


Phase surfaces at 3000 Hz.



Animated pressures at 5000 Hz.


Phase surfaces at 5000 Hz.



Animated pressures at 7000 Hz.


Phase surfaces at 7000 Hz.