PAFEC-VibroAcoustics - 3D Sinusoidal analysis of a rectangular horn


The example below shows results of a 3D sinusoidal analysis of a rectangular horn.





The mouth of the horn is mounted in an infinite rigid baffle.

An enforced harmonic velocity is applied to the piston at the throat.

The planes of symmetry (X = 0 and Y = 0 ) have been utilised to reduce the model size.

Acoustic finite elements model the air inside the horn and extend out to a surface of acoustic boundary element patches which model the remainder of the half space.

Acoustic display elements, on the plane X=0, allow the pressure with the boundary element region to be visualised.

This model is a specially created illustrative example, it is not a commercially available horn.


Pressure field at 6000 Hz.

Animated pressure field at 6000 Hz.

Pressure field at 10000 Hz.

Animated pressure field at 10000 Hz.

Pressure field at 14000 Hz.

Animated pressure field at 14000 Hz